[Sca-cooks] Weckerin recipe for 'Erdäpfel' (non-existent so far)

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Sun Oct 4 15:54:55 PDT 2009

>> http://www.theoldfoodie.com/2006/07/feasting-with-hemingway.html

Thanks, first, for pointing to this wonderful site!

<< For a long time “earth apples” were
assumed to be potatoes. Food historians are now unsure, and some feel
that they were a type of squash. >>

As far as I have followed the discussion, there is evidence (more than "some feel") that in 16th century German the term "erdapfel" does not refer to potatoes. Therefore, the Rumpolt passage cannot be claimed to be the first potatoe recipe.

As for Anna Wecker: for the time being, nobody has pointed to a recipe in the book of Anna Wecker that might serve as a foundation for a serious discussion whether or not there is a potato recipe in the cookbook of Anna Wecker.

Again: the Wecker cookbook is online at:


(trying to make his way through the 16th century German of Anna Wecker.) 


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