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> [snip] I'm not really sure how many people will buy breakfast  
> Saturday - i'm guessing 50 - and i'm guessing 30 on Sunday. [snip]  
> So i'm asking the collective wisdom on this list, how much batter  
> should i make?
> Thanks,
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> Someone sometimes called Urtatim

Figure on four medium-sized pancakes per person -- some can't eat that  
much, but some (who normally would eat two or three at home) will want  
to get their money's worth and will wish they had five. Plan a short- 
stack (2), regular (3 or 4, you decide), and a tall stack (5). Each  
pancake takes about, what, a quarter-cup of batter? Figure out how  
many quarter-cups of batter are in your basic recipe, then figure the  
amount of batter you'd need to feed EVERYONE present the average  
allotment of 3 or 4 pancakes.

Don't mix up the batter in advance, though. Mix up the dry ingredients  
in, say, two tubs. They'll keep till your next event if you don't use  
them up. Then get coolers with dry ice and enough milk and eggs to  
blend up about half of the dry stuff. If you need more, someone can do  
a town run, so that you don't have all that perishable stuff left over  
to spoil after the event is over. Also get ALL the butter you think  
you'll need, because you do need butter in the pans; and it can be  
frozen for a couple months in the freezer if you do have some left over.

Anyway, once you've got the dry stuff mixed, all you'll have to  
instruct people to do is add the wet stuff and stir a bit. Should be  

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