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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
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Adamantius answered my questions about the Alows de Beef I was going  
to serve next weekend for the Nobles Luncheon. Adamantius, thank you  
also for the suggestion about keeping the sauce separate and adding it  
shortly before serving. I had not considered that.

Although I might change, or more likely reduce, my menu probably  
because of budget reasons, here is what I currently have.

Again, the main restriction is that I have almost no facilities except  
a Coleman propane stove and an electric connection and extension cord.  
So most of this will probably be cooked at home previously and then  
brought out to the site that morning. This is not the main feast,  
merely something to hold the working Nobles and Crown over until the  
feast is served that evening.

The event is my barony's 30th Anniversary Celebration and the theme is  
a celebration of the SCA, or at least Ansteorra and my barony 30 years  
ago, and how things have changed. The feast will be BBQ served from  
the back of a pickup truck. (No, I'm not kidding). There will also be  
a fashion show of things like armor and clothing from 30 years ago.

So, I've chosen to start off my luncheon with foods that I'm told were  
fairly common in Ansteorra in 1979 and then move to some foods more  
likely to be found in our feasts today. With the further complication  
that I've been told the foods need to be served buffet style and be  
finger-foods which can be picked up by the Nobles or their entourage  
and then eaten during other activities.

I've been told to plan for between 16 and 20 diners and have a  
starting budget of $50, although I can get more if I can make a case  
for it.

I welcome comments, especially those on how any of these foods might  
be warmed up if needed. The weather might get hot again by next  
weekend (in the 80s or 90s) or since we've been having unseasonably  
wet and cool weather the last couple of weeks, it might be in the 50s.


BG 30th Nobles Luncheon

1. Grapes
2. Yellow and white cubes of cheese
3. Sliced meats, sliced cheese
4. Hard-boiled eggs (plain)
5. mustard sauce
6. horseradish sauce
7. Butter, Honey-Butter
8. manchets (rolls)
9. Excellent Small Cakes

10. Iced Tea

1. Hais (from al-Baghdadi)
2. Stuffed dates
3. Quince paste, olives
4. Pretzels
5. Savory Tosted Cheese (from Digby) (served with more manchets)
6. Stuffed eggs (from Al-Andalus)
7. Alows de Beef (Beef rolls) (from Two Fifteenth Century)
8. Chicken Sour (braised chicken thighs) (from Apicius)
9. Champignons en pasté  (mushroom / cheese pasties)  (from Managier  
de Paris)
10. pork/beef pasties (from Pleyn Delit)
11. cheese pasties (as above w/o mushrooms)
12. gingerbread (in balls)
13. Confiture de Noiz /Sugared Nuts (from Menagier de Paris)

14. Clarea from Water Clarea de Aqua (from De Nola)
15. Pomegranate Drink  (from Anonymous Andalusian manuscript)
16. Sekanjabin
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