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Johnnae replied to me with:
> 7. Alows de Beef (Beef rolls) (from Two Fifteenth Century) appears
> in Pleyn Delit
so it could have been served in 1979. Likewise 10. pork/beef pasties
(from Pleyn Delit)

Why are stuffed dates 2009 and not 1979? >>>

Adamantius is correct. What was possible and what was done back then,  
don't necessarily match. Also, I "only" joined the SCA in 1988, quite  
a lot later than 1979. Sure doesn't seem that long ago...  So I have  
no first-hand knowledge of what was and was not done locally then.  
This is also meant to be somewhat representational rather than an  
accurate portrayal. Likely there were more period meals then in  
Ansteorra, just as there are quite non-period feasts in the SCA today.

<<< Do you need 4 kinds of drinks for 16-20 people? >>>

Probably not. Any leftovers do go to the populace and except for the  
"Clarea from Water Clarea de Aqua (from De Nola)" they are fairly  
inexpensive to make. The honey for the later and some of the other  
dishes is a big blow to my budget, though. But as far as I know, this  
drink has not been served in this area and I'm using this to introduce  
it here.  I'm not sure the pomegranate drink is common here, either.

If it is a hot or even a warm day, the drinks will be appreciated by  
the populace, I think. If it is cool, not so much. But the pomegranate  
and the Sekanjabin will keep. The Sekanjabin could also be served  
warm, if needed.

The tea is fairly cheap and I'm using it to highlight that we do have  
other alternatives now. And I'm likely to still have some folks that  
won't drink the other "weird" drinks. It was much more common in  
Ansteorra 30 years ago, although perhaps not as common as it still is  
in Meridies. :-)

Since the evening feast is not period (not by my choice!), I'm willing  
to use my opportunity to try to introduce the Crown, Nobles and  
populace to some new period dishes as well as some old favorites.

Actually, it looks like the stuffed dates could be in the 1979 section  
since the recipe I have doesn't seem to be from a period source. I  
considered removing them, but they are fairly cheap and easy to make  
and the reports say they are popular. I'm open to a more period version.

Here is the recipe I'm using. From the Florilegium finger-foods-msg on  
Wed, 18 Jun 1997.
Take 1 pound of pitted dry dates, 8 oz cream cheese, some ginger,
nutmeg, and about 3 tbps of honey or brown sugar (whatever you have  
that is
sweet).  Mix the cream cheese, honey, and spices until smooth and  
  Split the dates down one side, and stuff a spoonful of cream cheese  
in each.
  Wonderful.  These never last more than about 20 minutes at any potluck
dinner I've ever taken them to.

Lady Tyrca Ivarsdottir

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