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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Oct 18 12:45:25 PDT 2009

Johnna asked:

<<< Is this to be served out of doors? I only ask because
the sweet things may attract late season wasps and bees.
At least they would up here in Autumn. >>>

Yes, it is. That is why I have little in the way of kitchen or  
preparation facilities and why I'm doing as much as I can at home  
prior to the event. I hadn't really thought of this bug problem.  I  
don't remember them being a particular problem at this site, though.

<<< Of course if it's a buffet, it doesn't really matter if certain  
were 1979 or 2009 or could be both, unless you are quizzing everyone  
at the end of the
day. >>>

I'm not sure why whether it is a buffet or not affects things. If it  
is non-period, it is non-period. I would prefer a period dish, but the  
only other stuffed date dish I see, at least in the Florilegium, over  
and over, is one that has dates stuffed with almonds and then fried in  
honey. I'm thinking that stuffed dates are already messy/sticky  
enough, even before frying them in honey, for a finger-food.

I bought my dates for this yesterday at Central Market. The  
availability was much less than I expected. And the price range was  
wider and went higher than I thought it would be. Chopped dates for ~ 
$2.50/lb, which I needed for hais and in a meat dish. Dried dates for ~ 
$6.99 lb and fresh dates for $10/lb.!  But my were they good. The  
store employee showing me where the fresh ones were, had me sample one.

For that price difference, and the fact that the redaction or the  
recipe called for dried dates, I bought the dried ones for this  
stuffed date dish. (It is difficult to stuff chopped dates).

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