[Sca-cooks] bread crumbs for feasts

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Oct 18 19:12:25 PDT 2009

How do folks make the bread crumbs for their feasts?

I'm only doing a small luncheon for ~20 people and I've already gone  
through one loaf of bread and only gotten about 3 cups of bread  
crumbs, used in one dish, hais. I expected one loaf of bread to  
provide more than enough crumbs for my several dishes.

I started with a loaf of whole wheat bread and let it sit in the oven  
at low heat. One set for multiple hours and one for just and hour or  
two. I didn't detect a big difference between the two. Both crumbled  
as I broke them into a ziplock bag. I then simply broke up the larger  
crumbs with my fingers. I considered rolling over the bag with my  
roller, but it didn't seem worth it.

So when you need a probably much larger amount of bread crumbs for a  
feast, how do you get them? How many loaves of bread does it take? Do  
you use whole wheat bread? Or white bread? Or whatever is available  
for the cheapest price?

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