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Bertha replied:

<<< Note to self...never reply to anything after taking 65mg. of  
Darvon. >>>

Lol. I hope you are feeling better now.

<<< I am sorry but that should have read .01 oz.. >>>

that does sound closer. I have a bottle of Spice Island brand saffron  
in front of me, which most likely also came from HEB and it says "Net  
Wt. 0.046 oz. (1.3 grams). Same size bottle as the other spices, but a  
higher price and it only contains a small envelope of spice.

<<< I will admit Pennzey's has better
prices but HEB is just up the road from me >>>

Yep, that is often why I end up buying local instead of by mail order.  
The mail order also gets shipping and/or minimum order amounts added  
on. However, you never know how long the spice has been sitting around  
on the grocery store shelf. For lessor used spices it could be quite  
some time.

Not only was the saffron I got from the Pepperer's Guild at Pennsic  
much cheaper than what I got at HRB, but you can tell it is likely to  
be better stuff just looking at it. The color of the stuff from the  
Pepperer's Guild is a much deeper red and it also has more aroma.

I think someone asked about the Pepperer's Guild on this list in the  
last few months, but I didn't see any definite reply.  Does anyone  
know if they are still in business? For those who don't know they were  
a non-profit group of folks who were selling the medieval spices that  
were difficult for many folks to get locally. They usually had a small  
booth at Pennsic across the parking lot from the barn, and by mail  
order. It really added to the atmosphere of Pennsic to watch them  
measuring out spice orders on a balance scale.

Bertha, it looks like you are in San Antonio. If this is so, if I know  
we are going to be at the same event I'd be willing to bring along my  
vial of saffron from the Pepperer's Guild and you can compare it to  
what you've been getting at HEB. I've also been buying my Long Pepper  
and Grains of Paradise from the Pepperer's Guild.

<<< and  my husband wanted Franch
Toast made from my Saffron bread...(yes, it is nummy!) >>>

And the recipe is??? Don't make me call you a recipe tease...

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