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Emilio said:
<<< "And the giants fought not once, but many times ..."

At least in the florilegium, I cannot see any discussion of the giants as for
the connection of cuskynoles and the arabic tradition. >>>


<<< So, this (the connection of cuskynoles/kuskenole with the arabic tradition)
seems to be a topic, that was not part of the Cariadoc/Adamantius controversy so
far. I might be mistaken. >>>

No, you aren't mistaken. This is the first time that these other recipes have been brought into this discussion.

<<< First: please allow for variation and historical development in dishes and
recipes. We have this kind of variation in other dishes and recipes as well. As
long as we do not know what were the essential and what were the more
accidental/variable criteria of the dishes in question, I would not dismiss the
suggested possibility. >>>

<<< All we are doing here is to try and understand a hitherto "strange" name
of a dish. I find it o.k. to check those arabic roots, that Maxime Rodinson has
dealt with in many other cases and that Melitta Weiss Adamson has traced for Ibn
Jazla/Ibn Gazla ("Ibn Jazla auf dem Weg nach Bayern", 'Ibn Jazla on the/his way
to Bavaria"). >>>

Yes, I appreciate this new info on the discussion of the probably name ancestry of "cuskynoles". I'm still undecided whether it is just the name which we are talking about or whether the dish itself comes from these same roots. It may well be that our definition of "cuskynole" was too specific to the previously discussed graphics-assisted recipe. 

Perhaps the reason that there is a diagram in the original discussed recipe was not because it was an entirely new recipe, but that this version was specifically different enough from the way the recipe was usually done that it needed a diagram to illustrate the difference.

Regardless, it is great to see some additional information being brought into this discussion.  


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