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Wed Aug 4 11:31:47 PDT 2010

Adamantius wrote:
>I vaguely recall reading a lengthy article in one of the Middle 
>Eastern archaeological journals on Persian baking which included 
>pretty detailed discussions of tannurs, griddles, the griddle-like 
>object whose name escapes me but which looks like an inverted wok 
>sitting on top of a fire...

The convex griddle like pan is a saj (romanized Arabic) or sac 
(Turkish, in which a c without a cedilla is pronounced like an 
American j)

It is much shallower than a wok. I hope i can eventually find one.

>...and the aforementioned box oven. The article was basically a 
>study of ancient methods that have survived to the present day. It's 
>possible Cariadoc or Johnnae might be able to recall the article 
>before I am able to dig up the ubiquitous smudgy old photocopy...

Ooh, ooh, i hope someone remembers the name. Definitely something i 
want to read.
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