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Stefan li Rous stefanlirous at austin.rr.com
Thu Aug 5 02:10:21 PDT 2010

<<< Katherine who is off to see if there is a bacon archive on the florilegium...

Wouldn't be surprised. Stefan has the kitchen sink there, I'm sure. :-)

Liutgard >>>

Lol. Nope, no file specifically on kitchen sinks. Probably because they haven't raised much of a conversation on the lists I've been on.

I do have this, which did serve some of the purpose of a kitchen sink in medieval times...
aquamaniles-msg (12K) 4/ 1/10 Fancy period jugs to hold water for washing.

Handwashing-art (22K) 2/24/02 "Scented Handwaters For Feasts and Dayboards" by Jadwiga Zajaczkowa

I suppose a kitchen sink might be part of these:
camp-kitchens-msg (32K) 1/21/08 Camp kitchen ideas for SCA use.

So what are the best ways to handle or create a kitchen sink while camping? This has often been a problem at my barony's outside events, which often have running water, but not much else in the way of kitchen facilities.

(Now, Johnnae, *this* is a blatant grab for more posts on a subject by a certain archivist... :-)  )

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