[Sca-cooks] tannurs

Glenn Gorsuch ggorsuch at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 07:43:14 PDT 2010

I'd like to blame you all for my upper arm bruise this morning, because as
you know, taking responsibility for oneself is just SO gauche.

With all this discussion of tannur ovens of late...It was just an innocent
observation from me to my wife this morning that our new glass kiln that
just arrived today would make a LOVELY tannur oven substitute, at least
until it was kiln washed...then pow!  So much for the spirit of

You'd really think I'd know better, given that she absolutely refuses to let
me use her clothes iron to make grilled cheese sandwiches a la Alton
Brown...and her sewing scissors collection is entirely off-limits to me.



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