[Sca-cooks] A Feast Menu for Commentary

Barbara Benson voxeight at gmail.com
Sat Aug 7 10:08:31 PDT 2010

I was hoping to do one big piece - something comparable to what is
seen in the illuminations (2 ft high maybe). I was considering making
the torso and head out of another substance - maybe paper mache - and
doing the ears, trunk and drapery in sugar paste. Also, the incoming
Baron's device is a water bouget - I was considering making a bouget
sized for the elephant out of paste and filling it with candies or

Will the sugar paste harden enough to be able to stick out from the
side as ears a trunk and a bouget that could hang? I have a whole box
of Gum Tragacanth and was planning on following your directions - and
my guess is I need to start pretty soon (feast is mid-September) if I
want everything to dry out here in Georgia.

The little molds are a good idea - maybe I can find something that
would be appropriate for the Barony and stay in Baronial stores (a
tower or a raven).

Thank you ladies for talking with me. It always helps to get you out
of your rut (with the you in this case being me).


> Johnnae's suggestion of making a mold is a great one.  If you don't have
> time, though, you might consider just applying a thin coat of sugar paste or
> marzipan to an elephant statue/toy.  If it's marzipan, you can peel the
> coating off to eat.  If it's sugar paste, it's likely to stick hard enough
> that you won't be able to retrieve the original item.  In the Midrealm,
> now-Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage did something similar with a plastic man
> that she transformed into a sugar paste prince. Color/paint the coating
> material for more realism.
> Alys K.
> --
> Elise Fleming

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