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Wed Aug 11 07:12:27 PDT 2010

On Aug 11, 2010, at 9:59 AM, Elise Fleming wrote:

> Adamantius postured:
> >At the time, I actually remember thinking, "Oh, for the good old days >when Times Square was sleazy, the people of ill repute were >home-grown, and the people with ridiculous bleached-blonde hair in >silly shapes were all New Yorkers. Now they're all from Cleveland." It >seems to me like Vegas without the gambling.
> Cleveland?  Cleveland?!?  My dear mis-informed one, surely you mean Pittsburgh or Paducah!
> Alys K., currently sitting in the increasing sunlight of a Seattle morning

Ooooh, bad earworm for my troubles: Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding used to play a sort of swing-crooned anthem from the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce (honestly, no disrespect intended, but I sort of have to assume this was specifically written with some commercial intent -- similarly, who would sit down and just write the "I Love New York" jingle/ad campaign for no particular reason?) on their radio program well into the 1980's:

"It's the best... location in the nation... C-L-E... V-E-L... A-N-D... It's the spot... in the state... of O-HI-o! That's for sure.. I know you'll agree!"

Cleveland was chosen at random. Yes, they might be from Paducah, Des Moines, anywhere. The only place they seem not to be from are the five boroughs of New York City.


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