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Peaches are so nom!

Rontzier's Peach Torte:
One peels and lays them in the torte /
give thereon grated bread / sugar / coriander
and egg yolks beaten with wine as well as
butter / etc.

Wecker has a lot to say about peaches being bad for the ill as they
decompose in the stomach and are forbidden to the sick above other fruits.

But she gives some recipes (this is somewhat down and dirty just for the

Good dry peaches / as are normally the yellow / are good
peeled / in fine flour coated like the apples / and thus
in fat fried / as well as with sugar bestrewed. / half or whole / as
it pleases you / but whole are easiest / also you may uncoated
brown them in fat / then with Malmsey / cinnamon/
ginger/ and sugar make a brew thereover / and only [just]
allow them to boil / if you want raisin and such things /
bestrew it in a good proportion / or rather make in in a pastry
shell.  You may all kinds of mushes all mixed as one finds
apples / prepare [this] from it.  However when you would rather tortes
or pastry make / so peel these into the pastry / chop a piece
off / that you can take out the kernel.  If you want / the crush shelled
almonds therein / or whole boiled dates / lay an hour or
tow in Malmsey or such strong wine / then prepare in the
shell with sugar and ginger / it will need goodly suger.  When the
shell hardenes / pour the wine also into it / you may also a bit of
fat prepare it with / it will be very tasty and good.
Cut the torte as a apple-mush / also lay it in
wine / prepare it in a shell (or pot) like an apple torte . Put raisins
in between / they [the peaches] also allow for preparation to keep in
various ways .  One bakes them also whole or half / and they are
then as cooked less bad [for you] than the raw.

The new Stengler Cookbook has a preserve done in clarified sugar (probably
the syrup form we've been discussing).


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