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On Aug 13, 2010, at 12:19 AM, Terry Decker wrote:

> This source:
> German-English dictionary of idioms By Hans Schemann, Paul Knight
> (on google books) lists one of the meanings of wicken [gehen] to be
> broken.  It might make sense here but also seems a stretch.
> Katherine
> "In die Wicken gehen,"  "to go into the vetch."  Colloquially, it means to become lost or come down in the world.  I suspect that Schemann and Knight meant "to go broke (lose one's wealth)" rather than "to be broken."  Of course the precise meaning of any idiom depends on the local usage.

Isn't vetch, in that sense, a mixture of grains augmented with peas or beans, which you might save as a last , or near-least, resort in a food supply -- for example, the mixture March Beer is sometimes made from?

Translating the phrase as "to be broken" might also refer to resorting to that mixture of stuff after you're out of your main supply of grain, which could be a link between the concept of heterogeneous mixes and having no cash... scraping the bottom of the barrel, as it were...

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