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What I'm considering is choosing one recipe, having the people access it
beforehand to modernize the language and review it, and then discuss it
together in the class and make a version.  Or, possibly, limit the size of
the class to however much cooking space I have available and allow each
person to make their own version (this is what I'd really prefer to do).
Another possiblility would be a two-session class, where we review the
recipe in the first class and then cook it in the second.

What do you all think?  Is this a feasible thing to do, or am I setting
myself up for a logistical nightmare?

Brangwayna Morgan
I've done almost exactly this in the past. I talked a little bit about my
approach to redaction, showed them some examples of period recipes to give
them some idea of the problems that can be involved (recipes where the
instructions don't necessarily make sense, or where one of the ingredients
is incomprehensible etc) then we had a go at one recipe I chose. It was a
small kitchen, but not many people had turned up so we split into two groups
and tried two different approaches at the selected recipe. It all worked out
quite nicely. 

I chose a fairly simple recipe which didn't have many steps or a long
cooking time, so we managed all this in an hour.

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