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Angharad asked:

<<< I agreed to teach a class on 15th century Italian food at an event in about
six weeks time (eep, need to get organised). I've come up with a list of
dishes we will be having a go at (I may yet trim it when I work out budget
or timing in a bit more detail). I've tried to pick things that are staples
of Italian cooking even now, or have modern equivalents even if they are
very different, with the aim of tilting the class towards answering the
question of 'what did the Italians eat before they had pasta?' >>>

When did Italians start eating pasta? I thought pasta eating went fairly far back. At least well before the 15th century.

Perhaps this file in the FOOD-BY-CULTURES section of the Florilegium might be of use for some ideas and references:
fd-Italy-msg (57K) 7/14/10 Period Italian food. Cookbooks.

Or this in the FOOD-BOOKS section:
p-Italy-food-bib (9K) 12/ 1/99 Bibliographies on period Italian food.

Here are some previous Italian themed SCA feasts in the FEAST-REVIEW section which might be useful for ideas and some comments on what worked well and what didn't.
15C-Italn-fst-art (24K) 10/24/02 Meridian Kingdom A&S Fair feast by Fra Niccolo Difrancesco. 15C Italian.

Carnival-Fst-art (25K) 3/19/99 An Italian Carnival Feast in Delftwood.

Italian-Feast-art (20K) 1/10/10 An Italian-themed feast at the Pounce VIII event by Mistress Helewyse de Birkestad.

NP-Italian-fst-art (24K) 2/ 1/05 An Italian feast done by Bear for Namron Protectorate XXVIII.

Platina-Feast-art (10K) 5/24/01 A feast from Platina by Lady Clotild.

Platina-Lunch-art (8K) 5/24/01 An Italian lunch using recipes from Platina.

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