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There were two nights I did cooking, but not for encampment. One night I grilled 
meats for the Kingdom Party (AEthelmearc), they were simply seasoned with salt & 
pepper. I had intended to make a couple of sauces to accompany the meats. 
However, even though my hand was out of a cast by then... the heat a Pennsic 
this year just killed me and those sauces were not made. That did not seem to 
deter anyone from eating the meat though... it was all devoured. I also must 
give credit where credit is due. My youngest son did most of the actual grilling 
as I supervised.

The second was a dinner for the landed Barons & Baronesses of AEthelmearc. This 
is known as the Seven Pearls Dinner. I did a condensed version of a feast I did 
the previous year which was cooked in a simple (but modern) field kitchen. I had 
a "party" grill, which runs on 2 - 20 gallon propane tank and has a huge cooking 
area, and a two burner coleman stove. The recipes were inspired by late period 
Spanish recipes. The menu was:

Appetizers (served at a side table while the Barons & Baronesses were 
Pickles &  Olives
Pastries of Fine Sugar
Bread & Butter

Main Course (served seated)
Grilled Tuna with Orange Herb Sauce
Saffron Rice
Grilled Steak with Garlic Cheese spread
Onion Pottage

Dessert (served seated)
Angel's Food
Fresh Berries & Melons

I was lucky to have a sizeable budget for this feast (donations that were raised 
privately for this purpose). I had planned to cook for 14 (The landed Barons & 
Baronesses) plus my staff (8). I was told to keep it simple, so I went and 
splurged on a couple of the ingredients. The steak was New York Strip Steak and 
the Tuna was Sashimi grade Yellow-fin tuna. The meats were simply seasoned with 
salt & pepper before being placed on the grill.

Again, to give credit where credit is due. I did very little of the actual 
cooking, due to the difficulties I had coping with the heat. My staff just told 
me to sit down and supervise, which I did without argument (or at least not too 
much argument). I also kept the remainder of the wine bought for the Onion 
Pottage for the staff, and when the cooking was done we all enjoyed a glass.

Considering the heat at this Pennsic, this menu appeared to go over rather well.

In camp one morning I did make apple fritters from a late period Italian source. 
Those were made from applesauce that was left over from the previous nights meal 
that was also made from fresh apples. I do not know what recipe was used for the 


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So what did people cook at Pennsic or enjoy foodwise at the War this year?
I've been away but
I haven't seen any posts that talked about food at the War.

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