[Sca-cooks] Honey Sopapilla!

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Thu Aug 26 08:48:56 PDT 2010

>The pumpkin is cooked, made into a puree and mixed with the dough.
>Sopapillas is definitely a pastry :)

Rumpolt's Gebackens chapter has several recipes that are dough fried 
in butter, not exactly sopapillas, but close.

7. Make a dough from clean yolks/ pour a little sweet cream under it/ 
and mix the dough with it/ and make streusel from it/ about a finger 
long/ and one Finger thick/ that see that you it do not over salt it/ 
throw into butter/ that is not too hot/ fry nicely/ cool off/ and 
give warm or hot on a table/ sprinkle with white sugar/ like this it 
is good and well tasting.

8. Take warm milk and beautiful flour/ put beer yeast with it/ and 
mix the dough with it/ sprinkle a little with salt/ and work the 
dough well/ set it to the fire/ that it goes over itself/ wash the 
fists clean/ and grab into the dough/ take a piece of it/ and pull 
finely from each other/ until it becomes thin and nicely long/ throw 
into hot Butter/ in a longish pan/ like this you fry the dough 
rapidly/ give it warm or cold on a table. You might sprinkle with 
sugar or not. And in Bavaria one calls them baked Steigleder 
(climbing leathers).


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