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went to the site and found this warning: (does this mean that the cooking in Hampton Court in Bronze cannot be eaten, or is the bronze only for display purposes there) (Do they cook in the bronze or not?)


WARNING!!                 Do NOT use Bronze for Cooking!! Although
 the items cast in Bronze look wonderful and, truth to tell are more 
historically accurate for early periods, you MUST NOT use them for 
cooking if you're going to eat the food. The 
bronze is an alloy containing mainly copper and tin, but also has up to 
5% lead and does NOT conform to modern cookware requirements. Please
 be aware that there is a serious risk of VERDIGRIS poisoning from the 
copper and lead is not something you want to be ingesting either. Only use cast-iron if you're going to consume the food you make; if you're demonstrating then Bronze is fine.

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Greetings!  Here is a link to a company which produces reproduction 
bronze cooking items - http://www.historiccastings.co.uk/ .  If you 
think you want some of the pieces, be aware that the company is said to 
be difficult to get a response from! They are the ones who supply the 
bronze cookware for Hampton Court.

Alys K.
Elise Fleming

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