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Please, I don't mean to be rude but at least 4 people have responded to the
original e-mail to tell us of this "warning".  That seems a bit much.  I
think we all understand at this point the dangers involved.

On Sun, Aug 29, 2010 at 12:36 AM, Arianwen ferch Arthur
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> went to the site and found this warning: (does this mean that the cooking
> in Hampton Court in Bronze cannot be eaten, or is the bronze only for
> display purposes there) (Do they cook in the bronze or not?)
> Arianwen
> WARNING!!                 Do NOT use Bronze for Cooking!! Although
>  the items cast in Bronze look wonderful and, truth to tell are more
> historically accurate for early periods, you MUST NOT use them for
> cooking if you're going to eat the food. The
> bronze is an alloy containing mainly copper and tin, but also has up to
> 5% lead and does NOT conform to modern cookware requirements. Please
>  be aware that there is a serious risk of VERDIGRIS poisoning from the
> copper and lead is not something you want to be ingesting either. Only use
> cast-iron if you're going to consume the food you make; if you're
> demonstrating then Bronze is fine.
> Arianwen ferch Arthur
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> --- On Sat, 8/28/10, sca-cooks
> Greetings!  Here is a link to a company which produces reproduction
> bronze cooking items - http://www.historiccastings.co.uk/ .  If you
> think you want some of the pieces, be aware that the company is said to
> be difficult to get a response from! They are the ones who supply the
> bronze cookware for Hampton Court.
> Alys K.
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