[Sca-cooks] Problems with frictelle

Claire Clarke angharad at adam.com.au
Mon Aug 30 05:03:59 PDT 2010


The instructions say to 'remove' the rice which led me to wonder if it was
still covered with liquid at that point kind of like rice pudding and
rather wet?  Then it would make sense not to add additional milk and the
residual milk liquid would blend with the eggs and flour to make a
stickier pancake like batter helping to hold the mass together for frying.
 What exactly does the 'remove' instruction mean?  Just thinking...


Interestingly the phrase used for remove in these recipes is more often
'cacciare fore' or similar, which means literally 'to chase forth'. This one
says 'cavandolo fore' where 'cavandare' means to dig or get out. This seems
to imply scooping out the rice. It doesn't say anything about straining the


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