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Kathleen A Roberts karobert at unm.edu
Mon Feb 1 09:11:38 PST 2010

The College of Blaiddwyn had their Winter Wolf event this 
weekend.  This is where they find their champions for the 
year, and one of them is Blaiddwyn Provider, which is 

Having won last year, I was in charge of the competition 
this year.  As the theme of the Provider position is the 
help the poor, starving student body, it is not 
necessarily a period cooking competition (although I am 
happy to say that some of the students are headed in that 

This year, instead of the "cook whatever you want" 
approach (used last year), I decided to make it fun with a 
secret ingredient announce two weeks before the event. 
 The secret incredient had to be used in a dish that spoke 
to the heart, soul and stomach of the students.   The 
secret ingredient was....

RAMEN NOODLES!  (swish of silk being pulled of the altar)

Apparently it was a great success despite UNM regs that 
would not let us cook onsite.  There were fifteen entries! 
 Most folks submitted multiple entries.

The dishes ranged from salad to dessert.  I am sure we 
would have had soup if we could have had flame. 8)
There were several ramaen slaws, one with mandarin orange 
and one with ham.  There were meatless ramen meatballs 
(fascinating).  Also, chicken curry ramen, ramen green 
bean salad, ramen Italian salad, ramen clean out the 
fridge at midnite salad (featuring ground beef and 
doritos), ramen cookie bars (crisp and soft), ramen 
butterscotch haystack cookies, ramen peanut butter cookies 
and ramen smores.  But the oddest was....

are you ready?

Cooked ramen noodles tossed with chocolate sauce and 
topped with whipped cream.

Yep, I tasted it... not bad, but not to my taste.

The chewey ramen bar cookies won, based on an oatmeal 
cookie recipe and quite delicious.  It was populace 

The prize was a case of ramen (to shore up the pantry 
after all that experimentation), a copy of "101 Things To 
Do With Ramen Noodles", and a beautiful hand made 
cherrywood spoon made by one of our local woodworkers.

Good time, amazing turnout, fun... lots of fun.


"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy which 
sustained him through temporary periods of joy."
W. B. Yeats
Kathleen Roberts
Coordinator, Student Admissions
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
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