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Dessert recipes would be appreciated, too.

I just did a feast for a Viking Yule. We had several kiddos, including  mine. A huge favorite was the rice pudding and cookies. The whip cream wasn't totally period but the berry sauces (lingonberry and cloudberry jam) mixed with the rice pudding is period. I have the recipes if you are interested.

I think I saw a reference that Swedish Meatballs are from the 17th century; but I did have it as an option for the kids and the less adventurous guest. It was also a hit with the kids. I searved it with mushroom gravy and either mash potatoes ( I know not period) and mashed swede. 



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Greetings from a lurker on the list,

I find myself helping my husband plan a feast for our neighboring shire's (Midhaven in An Tir) Youth Allthing day event (Youth oriented Ithra).

We promised that the food would be "Kid Friendly".  No my husband, dear soul that he is, doesn't care whether the food is period, just that the kids' enjoy it.  Me, I want both.  However, I am only now starting to look into period recipes.

HELP!! Does anyone have any period recipes that kids wont turn their noses up at?  

We were thinking (in part) of beef and cheese filled pasties and roast chicken thighs with a selection of sauces to be added by the diners (only we don't have any sauce recipes).

Dessert recipes would be appreciated, too.

Thank you,

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