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Greetings THLord Stefan,


First, thank you for the warm welcome.


Second, a JdL is the Jambe de Lion, the grant level award for Arts & Sciences in the Kingdom of An Tir.


Third, you have sent me a treasure trove of information.


For those of you who asked: "Kid Friendly" in this context refers to period food that is not so different from modern food as to scare off the kids, but different enough to open their interests to trying something new.


Thank you so much.

Marguerite fitz William, JdL 
Exchequer, Barony of Aquaterra
Courtier to Their Excellencies, Hauk and Rosamund of Aquaterra 
Aide de Vénerie 
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> Anxious in Aquaterra, er, ah, Marguerite fitz William, JdL asked:
> <<< HELP!! Does anyone have any period recipes that kids wont turn 
> their noses up at? >>>
> First, welcome to SCA-Cooks!
> Second, what's a "JdL"?
> I think there are a lot of recipes in the Florilegium which might be 
> of interest to you, although not having kids I'm not sure what "kid 
> friendly" consists of. I keep hearing, pizza, pizza and more pizza and 
> while we can come up with some period plausible pizzas I think we can 
> also do better than those.
> I will try to use some of the other suggestions folks here have given.
> <<< We were thinking (in part) of beef and cheese filled pasties and 
> roast chicken thighs with a selection of sauces to be added by the 
> diners (only we don't have any sauce recipes). >>>
> In the FOOD-CONDIMENTS section of the Florilegium:
> mustard-msg (162K) 9/ 9/09 Mustard seed in period. sauces. 
> recipes.
> sauces-msg (172K) 2/14/08 Period sauces. Sauce recipes.
> There are a number of chicken recipes, but I found very few that were 
> really finger-foods.
> In the FOOD-MEATS section of the Florilegium:
> chicken-legs-msg (8K) 5/14/09 Period dishes using (inexpensive) 
> chicken legs
> chicken-msg (172K) 3/20/08 Period and SCA chicken recipes.
> chck-n-pastry-msg (30K) 3/20/08 Chicken recipes cooked or baked in 
> pastry.
> meat-pies-msg (158K) 11/13/08 Period meat pies. Recipes.
> These can be made as round pies or as individual hand-pies.
> <<< rice pudding >>>
> In the Florilegium FOOD-SWEETS section:
> rice-pudding-msg (50K) 5/13/06 Period rice puddings, both savory 
> and sweet.
> 14C-Sweets-art (17K) 9/14/00 "Sweets and Treats of the 14C"
> by Lady Hauviette d'Anjou.
> 3-Span-Sweets-art (13K) 4/26/01 Three Spanish sweet dishes from de 
> Nola by
> Vicente.
> cookies-msg (80K) 11/13/07 Period cookies. Recipes.
> entertaing-fds-art(46K) 2/10/06 "Subtleties, Entremets and 
> Illusion Foods"
> by Baroness Faerisa Gwynarden.
> (Feel creative? Kids seem to like this stuff. Witness all the 
> Halloween stuff)
> <<< The whip cream wasn't totally period but the berry sauces 
> (lingonberry and cloudberry jam) mixed with the rice pudding is 
> period. >>>
> But "Snow" is period. and very like whipped cream.
> snow-msg (10K) 5/18/06 "Snow", a white, creamy confection 
> often
> served with wafers.
> <<< Shrewsbury Cakes! Or, as a Past Royal called them, Period 
> Snickerdoodles. It is a butter cookie that kids of all ages love.>>>
> In the desserts-msg files and others. Do a search using the search 
> engine on the top page of the Florilegium. These cookies also turn out 
> good and many kids like them.
> Digby-Cakes-art (12K) 6/30/01 "Excellent Small Cakes Revisited"
> by Tirloch of Tallaght.
> Digby-Cakes-msg (18K) 3/ 7/08 Making cakes using Sir Digby's 
> 'Excellent
> Small Cakes' recipe.
> <<< I think I saw a reference that Swedish Meatballs are from the 17th 
> century; but I did have it as an option for the kids and the less 
> adventurous guest.>>>
> In the FOOD-MEATS section:
> meatballs-msg (20K) 10/18/06 Period dishes with meatballs.
> Someone suggested fruit pies. In the FOOD-FRUITS section:
> fruit-pies-msg (68K) 10/10/08 Period fruit pies. Recipes. Baking 
> pies.
> In the CHILDREN section, I also have these files, but these are more 
> on dishes that the kids can help make, than on the dishes they would 
> prefer to eat.
> p-rcipes-chld-art (17K) 6/ 1/05 Recipes from Mistress Christianna 
> MacGrain's
> pamphlet on period dishes for 
> child cooks.
> p-cook-child-art (8K) 1/25/06 "Bored? Period Cooking For the Next
> Generation!" by Mistress Andrea 
> MacIntyre
> p-cook-child-msg (20K) 9/27/08 Period cooking for children.
> There is also a file in the FEASTS section on having children help in 
> the kitchen. Again, more on children helping with the cooking than 
> foods for children, but perhaps of interest as well.
> Stefan
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> THLord Stefan li Rous Barony of Bryn Gwlad Kingdom of Ansteorra
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