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Fri Feb 5 08:22:43 PST 2010

On Feb 5, 2010, at 11:11 AM, Stephanie Yokom wrote:

> Marinate lamb in ale?  Unfortunately, I do not consume either and I am
> playing with "tweeking" recipe. I just am thinking about the taste
> combination.

I can think of several recipes which involve cooking meat in ale. Marinating is less common, I suspect, than simply cooking in the flavored liquid, but using the liquid to prepare a particular flavor environment, so to speak, is quite common.

Now ale, of course, could mean a lot of different things, but on a chemical level, it's not to different from wine. Sugars, acids, maybe some alcohol, any flavorings, and its specific gravity may affect how well it penetrates into the meat.

If you mean a modern ale, it's probably fairly bitter (what with hops, maybe dark malts, and perhaps some other flavorings or bittering agents). It'll depend on the natural sweetness of the meat, and what else is cooked in it (onions, especially caramelized ones, are a particularly good combination).


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