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So...where do you get edible camphor and musk?  So far I've not been able to
find either.


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> Sakhran- Nimatnama, p.93
> Now the method for making sakhran has been written: take good mast, put
> ground potherbs into it, and strain it through a cloth. Add camphor, musk,
> cardamom, cloves and rosewater and prepare it with the perfume of flowers.
> When the flower perfume has been absorbed, throw away the flowers. Then cut
> up sections of the fruit of bananas very small and put them into it. Put the
> pulp of twelve bananas into the mast.
> My redaction:
> 4 cups plain, full-fat yogurt (do not use low fat yogurt of any variety,
> only "cream top")
> 2 cups fresh spinach
> 8-10 fresh mint leaves
> 1/4 c fresh dill
> 8 fresh curry leaves
> a few leaves of fresh sorrel
> 6 bruised cardamom pods
> 4 whole cloves, bruised
> 1/4 tsp edible musk
>  1/4 tsp ground edible camphor
> 1/4 tsp. rosewater
> 2 firm yellow bananas
> Beat yogurt well. Take all fresh herbs and mince finely. Place potherbs in
> mortar and pound until it becomes a thick homogeneous paste. Add herb paste
> to yogurt and mix thoroughly. Line a large bowl with a piece of cheesecloth
> folded over several times or any kind of fine cloth. Dump yogurt and potherb
> mixture into cloth. Quickly gather the corners and edges and tie with a
> string. Hang the cloth over the sink for 3-4 hours.
> Take the yogurt down and dump into a bowl Add all spices and beat
> thoroughly. Chill mixture. Just before serving, add chopped banana and stir
> in, and add salt to taste.
> This is a surprisingly delicious relish, similar to a modern raita. I have
> never tried soaking flowers in the mixture to imbue it with their essence,
> as the flowers I know they would have used for this purpose I have not been
> able to find here.
> *winking at Cariadoc*
> Madhavi
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