[Sca-cooks] OT, OOP, Oo, was email address change

Daniel Schneider macbrighid at campus.ie
Sun Feb 7 21:16:54 PST 2010

>  Huette  wrote:
> And who really thinks that ook should be pronounced ewk?  Not words like
> look, book, or cook.  Let's go kewk some food!  That is not how it is
> pronounced.  Not even in Britain.  The double o's in cook are not pronounced
> the same as in coon or spoon.
> Actually, sometimes they are; in Dublin "ook" is pretty much universally
> pronounced "ewk", and Yorkshire, one of the Welsh, and one of the posh
> English accents do as well, to varying degrees. I also knew a lad from
> Cornwall who di it as well, but I don't want to generalise from 1 example,
> so...



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