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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Feb 7 21:41:37 PST 2010

Bear commented:
<<< Margaret turned 70 today, but we held her birthday party on Friday  
so the
people who were going out of town to an event could make it.>>>

Congratulations, Margaret! I had no idea you were close to that old.

<<< One of the things I prepared was drunken cherries which entails  
taking about
a pound of pitted dark, sweet cherries and soaking them overnight in  
two or
three tablespoons of Kirschwasser.>>>

This sounds interesting. Unfortunately, I don't have a good idea on  
what to do with the leftovers, except to eat them as is, or eat on a  
cake-like something.

However, the idea is intriguing. How do you prepare these cherries? It  
doesn't sound like the three tablespoons of liquor goes very far in  
marinating a pound of cherries. As a minimum, I'd expect to need to  
almost bury the cherries in the liquor, but 3 tablespoons doesn't seem  
like enough, even if the cherries were spread out in a single layer.  
Is this what you do? Maybe rotating the cherries so every part of each  
cherry gets to soak in the liquor for at least a little while? Or am I  
totally missing something?

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