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> Has anyone ever tried putting oatmeal in this recipe just to see what
> dreadful consequences arise (well, probably it just tastes disgusting)?

I always found the "make sure you don't get any oatmeal in it" note in
these recipes to be amusingly odd.  I did find this one though that does
call for oatmeal.

>From Koge Bog (Denmark, 1616):
VI - To cook cabbage. There is no need to write much about it, every
farmer's wife knows how. And often at a farmer's you will taste a better
cabbage than in the noble's kitchen. However this is how a cabbage is
cooked: Put water and oats on the fire with a red onion or two finely
chopped. Let it seethe until it is nice and smooth. Chop the cabbage
finely, the finer the better it will be. When the sauce is smooth then
put the cabbage into it and let it seethe until it is soft. Then put
butter in: but if you want it with lard then grind the lard finely first
and let it seethe with the oats.

Haven't tried it out yet.

- Doc

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