[Sca-cooks] rolled oats/oatmeal & awful joke

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Tue Feb 9 20:13:47 PST 2010

--- On Tue, 2/9/10, lilinah at earthlink.net <lilinah at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Angharad wrote:
> >As a matter of curiosity, when Americans say 'oatmeal' do they mean
> >porridge? This is the impression I have. For me, raised in England, and
> >living most of my adult life in Australia, oatmeal is the finely ground
> >stuff, and porridge is a breakfast cereal made with rolled oats.
> Us Merkins don't eat no stinkin' "porridge"! (joke, joke)
> We eat hot cereal!
> Oatmeal is
> 1.) the substance from which a hot cereal is made, nearly
> always rolled oats
> and
> 2.) the hot cereal made from this substance.
> -- 
> Someone sometimes called Urtatim
Respected friends:
     There is the additional complication that in 19th century American cookbooks, 'oatmeal' tends to mean oat meal, in the same sense as corn meal.
     I saw a sign this morning. "Tony the Tiger found dead! Police suspect cereal killer."
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