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> Still reading about Anthimus- he's writing roughly 3
> centuries before Charles, but there's a chance that his
> doctors were familiar with the text, and a very good chance
> that Alcuin was. It hadn't occurred to me to look there
> because I think of Anthimus as late Roman rather than early
> medieval (or 'Dark Ages').
It's very likely. The Lorsch MS, an eighth-century medical text, includes, among various collections purportedly from Hippocrates,. Galen and Aristotle (all spurious), an abbreviated version of Anthimus' letter. 

That said, even if we do find a reference to humoral theory in any of these texts it is not a given that that's what Charlemagne's doctors referred to.. There was not yet an established form of training and accreditation, and we know that at least in Merovingian times, doctors came from all kinds of backgrounds and used whatever methods worked for them. 

I'm finishiong up the Hanseatic stuff and doing Dark Age Cuisine now. It's truly fascinating, even though I miss my pasta, seafood and salsa viride...

What's cookong in Corbie? I worked on Cluniac signa lists a liong time ago, if you think it can help  with your project I can send you the article draft I came up with then. 


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