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Wed Feb 17 12:04:04 PST 2010

> --- wheezul at canby.com <wheezul at canby.com> schrieb am Mi, 17.2.2010:
>> > There is a fair bit of information on cooking-related
>> matters in Alexander
>> > NMeckam's de nominibus utensilium (a Latin primer),
>> but I've had nio luck
>> > tracking dowen the original text. With luck, you'll be
>> able to get a
>> > paraphrasing by Urban Tigner Holmes: Daily Living in
>> the Twelfth Century,
>> > University of Wisconsin Press, Madison et al. 1952,
>> SBN 299-00854-1.
>> I believe I found a latin copy here (and made a
>> photocopy):
>> Scheler, Auguste, John, Alexander Neckam, and Adamus. 1867.
>> Lexicographie
>> latine du XIIe et du XIIIe sieÌcle: trois traiteìs de
>> Jean de Garlande,
>> Alexandre Neckam et Adam du Petit-Pont : publieìs avec les
>> gloses
>> françaises. Leipzig: F.A. Brockhaus.
>> Since it is out of copyright, I could make a pdf and
>> share?
> I cannot speak to the legality, but that would be GREATLY appreciated if
> possible. It's the volume I've been trying to get hold oif for a while,
> and the library I located it in won't lend it, scan it, or even let me
> copy it if I travel there.
> Giano

I think the google book link that Emilio posted may be the same thing in
English.  And now I'm not sure if I have the French or English version,
but will check tonight.


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