[Sca-cooks] Next project, next recipe II.Ambroyno- price questions

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 19 12:11:05 PST 2010

Verjus source:

http://sadaf.com/store/product198.html  [or you can find it in a Middle 
Eastern grocery store if you have such in your area.]

Cheers, Selene

Raphaella DiContini wrote:
> I suppose it would partially depend on where you get all of the supplies. I can occationally get chicken for 1.99lb, but almonds usually run more and while I've been able to get some really nice verjuice from a friend at $10 a bottle I suspect she's under charging me by $2-4 to be nice (she buys by the case from the vinyard). 
> Last night's dinner cost maybe 5-6 dollars for the chicken, and about the same the almonds and Agresto/ Verjuice together. Some of the other bigger expenses was buying clairified lard as that's not something I've had in the house (7.00 for a fairly large tub), and the spices. I need to get more grains of paradise as I'm nearly out, but I make the period spice mixes myself from this same manuscript and they can also get quite pricy when you're making the batches. 
> I hadn't really put all the numbers together when I made the spice mix & recipe booklets for largess but going by some of the most costly ingredients I'd say each type by batch easily costs anywhere from $30-60. I'm only using small portions of each for this, but if I were setting up for a feast and didn't have any of it already on hand that could be fairly costly.  
> Still just last night's dinner all together, including the vegetables and cous cous my roommate made probably came to under $20 for three people, and it was delicious! Eating historically is healthier (possibly - the lard) and definately cheeper than eating out. 
> In joyous service, 
> Raffaella 

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