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I made this for dinner last night. Rather than using a whole chicken I
started with the chicken breasts I already had on hand. I'll likely do
another trial next week with a cut up full fryer. 

Se tu voy fare ambroyno, toy polastri e smenbrali, toy cipole bene trita e
frigeli in lardo colato, e mitili specie dolce e forte, e zenzevro, e
cenamo, e garofali, e melegette, e taglia menuti con coltello, e mitili a
frizere ogni cossa in sembre. E toy mandole non monde, e maxenate, e toy
agresta, e zafarano, insema. Quando sono cocti meti sopra li polastri. A tri
polastri vole libre ij de mandole. 

II. (2) Ambroyno (a sweet food) {Chicken in spicy onion and almond sauce}
If you want to make ambroyno, take a hen and chop in pieces, take onions
well minced and fry them in strained lard, and put in sweet and strong
spices, and ginger, and cloves, and grains of paradise, and cut them small
with a knife and put them to fry everything together. And take un-peeled
almonds and grind them and take verjuice and saffron together. When it is
cooked put it over the hen. For three hens you want a pound of almonds.

I apologise for being a pedant, but you have missed 'e cenamo' in your
translation, which is cinnamon I believe. I'm not sure it would make a huge
difference (and there is probably some in your sweet spice mix anyway).


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