[Sca-cooks] Cider vinegar (OOP)

Robin Carroll-Mann rcarrollmann at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 18:01:53 PST 2010

My first attempt at brewing hard cider was a failure.  Not a
catastrophic failure, mind you.  It hasn't turned into a science
experiment, blown up the back basement, or become toxic.  But after 3
months, what I have is somewhat sour, weak, and not very alcoholic.  I
am now wondering if I can turn the sow's ear into a serviceable purse
(of leather, not silk).  I bought a bottle of organic apple cider that
contains the mother.  This, if I understand correctly, is a live
vinegar culture.  Can I just dump the bottle or part of it into the
5-gallon carboy of not-very-good cider?  Will it be happy in my
low-60s (Fahrenheit) basement?  Suggestions?

Brighid ni Chiarain

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