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rendered chicken fat is called schmaltz.  We used it on Friday nights when
we couldn't have butter (and before kosher, parve margarine - which is AWFUL
but sometimes necessary).  My mother kept a jar in the fridge - she'd render
down the fat (no onions, no salt) and then we'd have it when we needed it.
I miss that!  It's what we used when we made chopped liver.

The little bits of skin left over from the rendering are called gribbens -
yum (deadly but yum).  Don't even get me started on helzel... I just gained
10 pounds writing this and I'm starving!

Yes - I know for a lot of people keeping a Kosher home is a 24/7 thing but
we did not keep a kosher home after we moved from civilzation to upstate
"white bread" Central New York.  We did keep "kosher style" for Friday
nights and holidays.  Don't yell at me - it's just the way it was.  No need
to correct me either - I know the difference, I know people don't agree with
how I was raised but it is what it is.


On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 3:58 PM, <lilinah at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Aelina wrote:
>>  I had an animated discussion with an octogenarian regarding the
>>  difference between "table fat" vs "lard" in a recipe. We were trying to
>>  find a modern ingredient for table fat. Anyone else heard of "table fat?"
> Back in the old days (like a few decades ago :) Jews who kept Kosher would
> often used chicken fat at the table when they couldnt use butter. The fat
> was gently rendered, often with a little minced onion, then strained and
> cooled.
> I made some once for a meaty meal with bread, as an experiment, and it was
> pretty good... better with a little salt added.
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