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Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
Tue Feb 23 11:26:26 PST 2010

Schmalz is just a generic term for fat, as the Schmalz you will find on a 
german farmhous table is rendered pig fat.

So Schmalz is probably only chicken fat in Jewish households

Then there is Butterschmalz, which is heated and cooled butter, freeed from 
the milk protein and most of the water, like the Indian Ghee

And Griebenschmalz is also made of pigs fat  where I am from, so be carefull 
to find out where from the recipe etc is before you use schmalz



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> rendered chicken fat is called schmaltz.  We used it on Friday nights when
> we couldn't have butter (and before kosher, parve margarine - which is 
> but sometimes necessary).  My mother kept a jar in the fridge - she'd 
> render
> down the fat (no onions, no salt) and then we'd have it when we needed it.
> I miss that!  It's what we used when we made chopped liver.
> The little bits of skin left over from the rendering are called gribbens -
> yum (deadly but yum).  Don't even get me started on helzel... I just 
> gained
> 10 pounds writing this and I'm starving!
> Yes - I know for a lot of people keeping a Kosher home is a 24/7 thing but
> we did not keep a kosher home after we moved from civilzation to upstate
> "white bread" Central New York.  We did keep "kosher style" for Friday
> nights and holidays.  Don't yell at me - it's just the way it was.  No 
> need
> to correct me either - I know the difference, I know people don't agree 
> with
> how I was raised but it is what it is.
> -S
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> 'Schmalz' is commonly served on the table as a bread spread in German
> cuisine.  Perhaps this is what is meant by table fat.  I can remember
> eating this as a child in the small village we lived in the Eifel by a
> town that is charmingly called Dudeldorf.
> http://germanfood.about.com/od/resources/r/schmalz.htm
> Katherine

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