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Hey Shoshona

Yep, I was surprised at Schmaltz and Jewish going together since I grew up with the rendered pig/bacon fat version, often seasoned by browning onions and finally adding a pinch of marjoram.  YUM.  I served it at the first German feast I did WOW cant even remember when, at least 15 years ago (ask Baron Tuli about that ;-), and again at the German feast I did for Outlands Crown Tourney last September.  Funny, about half the little containers came back untouched, the other half were EMPTY.

Gwen hack sneeze cough Cat

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> pig isn't kosher.  What Katharina was explaining is
> that 'schmaltz' is not
> exclusively rendered chicken fat but rather the name for
> all types of fats
> (I'm guessing rendered or otherwise "processed").
> I didn't know that - I thought schmaltz was a yiddish term
> used to identify
> the rendered chicken fat.  I  have learned
> something new.
> -S


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