[Sca-cooks] Posting Menu- Gulf War's Judge's Luncheon

jimandandi at cox.net jimandandi at cox.net
Thu Feb 25 05:46:31 PST 2010

Someone posted an event menu and I thought that was an excellent idea... I'll jump on that bandwagon.

Menu for the Gulf Wars Champion's Battle Judges' Luncheon 

Stuffed Eggs- similar to deviled eggs (Anonymous Andalusian)

Sanbûsak of the Common People- spiced lamb samosas with onions (Anonymous Andalusian)

Ahrash with Sinab- fried beef meatballs with sweet honey-raisin mustard sauce (Anonymous Andalusian)

Hummus Kasa- chickpeas mashed roughly with fresh herbs, vinegar, spices, and green olives (Al-Baghdadi)

Sliced cucumbers, fresh herbs, sliced onions, olives, good feta cheese

Rose, Spiced Honey and Tamarind drink syrups (Anonymous Andalusian)

Lauzinaj- phyllo-wrapped rose-scented almond paste soaked in spiced sugar syrup with pistachios  (al-Baghdadi)

Iron Cookies- hard "cookie" wreaths (Anonymous Andalusian)

Tharida of the Emir- nut-filled bite-sized tarts (Anonymous Andalusian)

Hais- dates, nuts, and spiced breadcrumb "cookies" (al-Baghdadi)

Subhani- dried apricots stuffed with almond paste (SCA traditional)


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