[Sca-cooks] Since we are talking about Gulf War menus

Michael Gunter dookgunthar at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 25 07:51:12 PST 2010

I've probably mentioned that I'm cooking the Roses' Rapier Tournament breakfast.

Unfortunately it will be totally non-period but I hope it works.


It will be basically a crepe bar. This way it is unusual, fancy and can be eaten

either from nice plates for the observers or out of hand for the fighters.





Blueberry compote with cream cheese

Strawberries with whipped cream

Nutella and bananas



Ham and swiss cheese

Chicken and Hollandaise Sauce

Scrambled eggs with assorted addons (fresh tomato, salsa, sauteed mushrooms, cheese)


There will also be homemade breakfast breads and fruit salad.

Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice and Mimosas will be offered.


It isn't period but I do hope it is elegant and different.

I'm almost finished cooking and freezing the 300 crepes.


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