[Sca-cooks] Theatre food in Elizabethan England

Daniel & Elizabeth Phelps dephelps at embarqmail.com
Fri Feb 26 17:42:18 PST 2010

Was written:

> Strange thing about the baked blackberry and elderberry pies--
> They turn up as ingredients for wines but I didn't find pies in MWBoC.
sniped a lot of good information that gets us to:

> So maybe we need another sort of berry pie searched???
> Someone was going to buy the book. It's on Amazon.
> Not heard a report on it.
Seems like we need to go to the source to determine how they did the 
botanical identifications.  Then perhaps deconstruct,  "CSI fashion" from 
the evidence, what other ingredients were in those pies.  Determining the 
ingredients list we can then attempt to reconstruct the pies.  I only hope 
that they were not working with the long preserved end products of human 

Brings to mind the old very lame paleontologist joke about the graduate 
student who had misplaced his coprolites.  When show a box containing the 
specimens he was asked "are these what you are looking for."  He replied 
"Yes... my feces exactly."


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