[Sca-cooks] Earthwquake 27 Feb 2010 Chile

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 10:07:25 PST 2010

Huette wrote:

> I just heard that there was an 8.8 earthquake in Chile not far from Santiago.  I know that Suey lives in Santiago Chile.  I hope that she and her family is okay.  8.8 is a huge earthquake.  I hope everything is okay there.
Thank you so sweet of you to think of us.
We live in a well built, earthquake proof building but they sway and 
that is scary. At first at 0335 hours I thought my cat was having an 
attack, he thought the same of me. Peter jumped up hysterical and ran to 
the intermost place in the apartment. Cat ran to hide behind a sofa on 
the terrace, dumb of him . . . I stayed in bed and fell back to sleep 
while Peter ran to his Mom's to see if she was all right which she is.
The bookcase crashed as it was not attached to the wall, my fault. I 
know better. Paintings fell off walls and lamps tumbled down.
We are lucky as we are 'rich.' In Chile there are only rich or poor so 
you and I and Peter's mother and we are all rich. The poor live in 
houses of cards. They have lost their homes, cars, if they could afford 
them, everything.
Now we are scared. Manena, my best friend, is on the coast north of 
Vina. Friends say tidal waves will kill her and her family.
Please if you have any news tell me.
We seem to be connected communications wise in Santiago.
Thanks much for baring with me. Although we are fine, we want to help 
our friends, it is scarely,

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