[Sca-cooks] Chilean Earthquake (OT)

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 13:54:01 PST 2010

     Thanks Brighid, Daniel and all of you for your concern. Phone lines 
are down on the coast where three of my friends are stranded. Summer 
vacation finishes this week-end.
     I have talked to them on their cell phones but they do not have 
their car rechargables with them! They cannot leave as the roads are 
     It seems that the tidal waves are on their way to Hawaii so they 
will be all right.
     I have electricity, gas and all comforts.
     Thanks Daniel for your comments.
     Yes, our arquitects are earthquake prof here as in San Francisco, 
CA. We live in a very solid building. I calmly spent last night in bed, 
as I did through bombings and an attempted coup in Madrid.
     I feel we are very am lucky to say no problems here but the poor 
people have a dim future in Chile as elsewhere. It is not fair that 
governments worldwide let the poor live in houses of cards and the 
debris total their cars if so lucky to afford one.
     I don´t know if praying for them will help any but man they need 
our help.

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