[Sca-cooks] after tremors or quakes

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 10:28:58 PST 2010

Daniel I read you loud an clear:
> I wonder how Suey is doing down there? It seems to have been as large a quake or even a little stronger than the one that hit Haiti. The news report I read sounded dire.
> . . . This sequence does not take into account the possibility of additional quakes in the strength of the original, triggered by the original, occurring.  They are in for a rather rough ride.
Yes, Peter is off volunteering but he and the kids prohibit me from 
doing so as I am too sensitive. I would have the house filled with 
homeless if not tied down. Yes, we have had more tremors but light. I am 
not scared at all nor have I through all of this. Our apartment house is 
earthquake proof and thank heavens we do not have a bookcase in the 
bedroom! I am watching out for my friends stranded on the coast. Summer 
vacation officially ends today but the highways are loaded with big 
holes. No one can get through. A friend from Australia says the beaches 
were 'closed' today. All the surfers were out waiting for the big wave 
which didn't come! She lives 200 meters from the beach so she is a bit 
worried although all is calm so far. Traffic in Santiago is normal. The 
good thing is that I have dusted the thousand or so books that fell to 
the floor Saturday morning!

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