[Sca-cooks] 'Tis the season.

wyldrose wyldrose at tds.net
Fri Jan 1 09:35:15 PST 2010

With all. the lamenting of not being able to get a sheep's stomach or lungs 
or what not, you could probably get it for nearly free if you go to a meat 
locker in a rural area.  This is where a butcher goes out and butchers and 
then cuts up a farmer's animal for a price, and then stores it for him till 
he has room for the meat at home.  Many times these butchers will  let you 
know who he/she is butchering for and you can call the farmer and then be 
gifted with whatever rare delicacy they have (or pay the farmer a price). 
In the area I live, I know if I wanted to get a sheep's stomach there at 
least three or four places I could call and probably get one.  Or at least 
that is how it works in Minnesota

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