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Melissa Long Blevins hlecalais at sbcglobal.net
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  This is an almost complete menu for the Scottish Luncheon. : ) I did prepare the sausages (and many of the other items) on site.  I will be happy to send the recipe along.  I am fighting pneumonia, s it may be a little while before I can send it.  Happy New Year, All!
Meat Dishes:
  Aberdeen Sausage**
  Potted Hough (Potted Meat)
  Civet of Venison
  Tuppeny Struggles (savoury pie)
  Aberdeen Angus meatballs in onion gravy
  Forfar Bridies (meat tart-ish item)

    Orkney Cheese & Ayrshire Bacon Cake
  Caramelized Onion Tart

    Hotch Potch (a summer soup)

  Bread Type Items:
    Edinburgh Scones
  Fochabers Gingerbread
  Scottish Oatcakes
  Selkirk Bannock
  Islay Loaf

  Sweets & Fruit Dishes:
    Potted Dunlop Cheese with Apple
  Lemon Curd
  Queen Mary Tartlets
  Cream Crowdie
  Clootie Dumplings
  Strawberry Sandwich
    Helensburgh Toffee
  Hatit Kit (rich & creamy Scottish dessert)
  Dunfillan Pudding
There were two different flavors of shrub served for refreshing drinks!

A lot of the recipes for the items were slightly out of period as finding in period, Scottish proved problematic on a short notice.  

** indicates the afor mentioned sausage  .

A votre service,
HLy Elisabeth de Calais

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