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A local cook prepared the following for our local Boar Hunt feast. 
When i asked for the recipe sources, she replied:
>They aren't sourced to a single cookbook. Instead they stem from the 
>idea of breaking down a pig and using the meat in a fashion that 
>would be compatible with 15th and 16th Century German flavor 
>profiles. Thus lots of books/recipes were perused. I really need to 
>write out the rest of the info...

Since it took almost two months for her to respond to my question, 
i'm not sure when she'll get back to me. So i was wondering if any of 
these dishes look familiar to those who know SCA-period 
German-language sources well, in case some actually are historic, and 
not just ''inspired by'', which what i infer (perhaps in error) from 
what she wrote. I've removed diacritics because they don't always 
transfer in e-mail, and replaced them with combinations: a-umlaut 
with 'ae'; u-umlaut with 'ue'; eszett with 'sz'.

Zuerst - First
-- Lauchsuppe - Leek soup from a pork-vegetable broth base with 
leeks, white wine, and saffron-milk.
-- Blumenkohl Krapfen - saffron-infused cauliflower fritters
-- Bratwurst - pork and beef sausages served with mustards and 
pickled summer cherries
-- Knoblauch-Brot Gemuese - Bacon, Greens, and garlic bread with butters

Zweitens - Second
-- Wildschweinbraten - Roasted Boar (red wine , port, juniper, and 
cherry balsamic marinade) served with roasted vegetables
-- Kohl - Sauteed red cabbage prepared with apple cider vinegar and bacon
-- Bohnenkraut Torte - Mint-brined tenderloin ''pate'' with apples, 
dates, and honey-vodka on a pastry crust
-- Geraucherte Rippchen - Rauchbier glazed pork-ribs served with 
sugar-wine preserved summer peaches

Drittens - Third
-- Gefuellte Champignons - Mushrooms stuffed with garlic and Italian 
sausage and roasted
-- Panierter Kaese - Cheese Curds lightly breaded and deep fried
-- Erhalten Schinken und Obst - Guincale or Prosciutto thinly sliced 
over goat cheese and dried figs

Suszwaren - Sweets
-- Apfelkuchen - Apple pie - just like Heinrich makes! [i'm not sure 
who Heinrich is, someone local to The West, i guess...]

I didn't attend this feast (or any others this year, except one at 
our camping A&S event) due to lack of personal motor vehicle, so i 
can't comment on how things tasted.
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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