[Sca-cooks] Late in eating it but we at least enjoyed it...

Ratt rattkitten at bellsouth.net
Sat Jan 2 18:08:15 PST 2010

      *Thought I'd share, Better Late than Not at All.... Tonight's Yule
      Dinner was Italian Flat breads with Cucumber and Tomato Chutney.
      Spiced Duck with Orange Sauce. (Duck a l'Orange), ((Complete with
      the Head and Feet)) Italian Mushrooms, Sauteed Chestnuts and
      Brussels Sprouts, Kinship Cookies (which were basically Big Animal
      Cracker type Cookies) with Snow Oranges.  *

      A truly delightful meal If I do say so myself. Hopeful one that it
      will surround us with Love Prosperity and Peace through out the
      Year. Had to cook it at this late date due to work but still....
      it was a nice way to celebrate the season.

*Both Kit and Grinner seemed to enjoy the Feet and Both tore into the 
Duck Head and I of course Could NOT resist Screaming OUT 
AFLACK!!!!!!!!!! That made us all giggle. I swear though a 7 year old 
sitting there happily munching on a HEAD of a DUCK!!!!!!! I got a wierd 
Kid Man....*

Sorry about the weird font thing going on I copied and pasted from 
If anyone wants them I can toss out recipes although none of it was from 
period sources.  Still yummy though.


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