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re aebelskiver pans --

> well, yeah, but someone else here was talking about owning one, and I
> wondered what were the standard uses for it (in, what, Scand cooking, or
> whatever they're specializing in).

Well, if they're talking about an aebelskiver pan or a takoyaki pan, its use
is implicit in the name. Aebelskivers are apple fritters (a bit like
popovers with apple inside). I imagine they can be made with octopus, too.
"Tako" is octopus, as I recall, and stuff ending in "yaki" is generally
fried. I think...


a Japanese character can mean more then 1 thing. It depends what the
character is paired up with. Ex: maso (I think that's the word) can mean
ship or breast armor.
but you are correct in this case as the takoyaki which I think started in
Osaka, are pieces of octopus covered in a batter and once fried is covered
in a sweet sauce. A sauce that someone told me they used was something
called kabayaki (sp?), one part soy sauce, one part sweet rice wine and 1/2
part of sugar or honey.


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